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Bigdata related free courses from coursera

If you are interested to learning bigdata ,below course are good for starting.

It is conducted by IITDelhi professor.
At the end of this course ,you will get what is web intelligence?
what are the different applications of it?
what is the role of bigdata in web intelligence?.what algorithms google is using on bigdata?
what is hadoop?what are the various technologies available in hadoop eco system?
Good part is ,you will be asked to solve some problems.
You require some basics of probability,statistics and rdbms.

This is done by university of washington professor Bill howe.
It covers how to retrieve the data ?and How to classify it?
It even covers machine learning topics supervised learning and unsupervised learning.
visualization is also part of data science.

This is done by stanford university  professor Andrew Ng.
Machine learning is ,making a machine think and act like human this course you learn that with the help of bigdata.
You will also learn different machine learning techniques like supervised learning and unsupervised learning.

This is course same as above but it covers supervised learning in depth and little of unsupervised learning.

good things about these classes are free classes ,you will get practical examples and guest lectures from industry technology leaders.
you will be given home works and practical assignments.You will also get statement of accomplishment depending on the courses and your performance.

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