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Datasets for practicing hadoop

To practise Hadoop you can use below ways to generate the big data (GB),So that you can get the real feel/power of the Hadoop.

From, you can get quarterly full data set of stack exchange so that you can use it while you are practising the hadoop . it contains around 10 GB data. collected different rating data sets ,you can use it for practicing the hadoop.

If you have Hadoop installed on your machine,you can use the following two ways to generate data.

3.hadoop jar /usr/lib/hadoop-0.20-mapreduce/hadoop-examples.jar randomwriter /random-data

  generates 10 GB data per node under folder /random-data in HDFS.

4.hadoop jar /usr/lib/hadoop-0.20-mapreduce/hadoop-examples.jar randomtextwriter /random-text-data

 generates 10 GB textual data per node under folder /random-text-data in HDFS.

path of hadoop-examples.jar may change as per your hadoop installation.

5. Amazon provides so many data sets ,you can use them.

6. Check answers of the same question on stackoverflow

7.From University of Waikato ,many data sets available for practicing machine learning.

8.See answers for the similar question on Quora.

If you know any free data sets ,please share in comments


  1. Thats a very interesting point on data sets. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hope this may be useful for you.

    1. Airline Dataset Project

    2. GB's of data on Airlines

    3. SFO - Airline Sample data

    4. Data Storage Online.

    5. Lots of Gov Data


    7. US Weather Data - 1990 to 2013 complete data.

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