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Learning Redis on Windows

Redis (remote dictionary server) is a key value store and also a kind of nosql database.There are many key value data stores and redis is widely used data store.It is also known as data structure server because it supports many data structures like set,list ,stack and queues etc..I explored it to implement a real time analytics project along with Apache storm and you can find other use cases of Redis here .In this tutorial I would like to share how to learn  and practice Redis on windows.

1. Download redis from here. and Install it by running .exe file

remember it is not an official version.may be only useful for practicing it on windows.

2. Start redis server 

C:\Program Files\Redis>redis-server.exe conf/redis.conf

3.Start redis-cli

C:\Program Files\Redis>redis-cli.exe

4 . Practice redis like below

redis> set name "balu"
redis> get name

for more redis commands,visit redis website.
You can also practice redis here without installing it.
Enjoy practicing redis on windows.

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