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Starting and stopping Ambari-server

In this article we will learn how to work with Ambari server.We will learn how to start, stop , restart and some more operations of ambari server from command line. If you are not using root user, you have to prefix sudo to all commands listed in below steps.

1) Check the status of Ambari server.

You can use any one of the commands to check status of ambari server.

ambari-server status


sudo ambari-server status


service ambari-server status

This command tells us wether ambari server is in running state or not. If Ambari server is in running state , Command also gives us pid of the Ambari server process.

2) Stop Ambari server

You can use any one of the commands to stop ambari server.

sudo ambari-server stop


ambari-server stop


service ambari-server stop

3) Start Ambari server

You can use any one of the commands to start ambari server.

ambari-server start


sudo ambari-server start


service ambari-server start

4) Restart Ambari server

You can use any one of the commands to restart ambari server.

ambari-server restart


sudo ambari-server restart


service ambari-server restart

5) Skip database check

While ambari server starting  , Ambari server checks consistency of database . If database has any issues, Ambari server fails to start.

We can skip database consistency check while starting ambari server.


 ambari-server start --skip-database-check

6) Other options 

Ambari server comes with several other commands, You can use --help option to list all other commands.

ambari-server --help

And every command comes with some options, We can also use --help to see all options of a command.

Example :

ambari-server stop --help

You can also view below video for more details.

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