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Ambari agent installation

In this article , We will learn how to install Ambari agent for Ambari on different operating systems.

1) Installing ambari agent

We use yum command if operating system is CentOS or Redhat. We use zypper command if operating system is SLES or apt-get command if operating system is Ubuntu.

Commands below needs to be run as root user.

CentOS or RedHat :

yum install ambari-agent

SLES (Suse Linux )

zypper install ambari-agent


apt-get install ambari-agent

The picture below show how to install ambari-agent on CentOS.

2) Modifying ambari-agent.ini file

We need to inform ambari-agent about ambari server's hostname. hostname property in ambari-agent.ini needs to be updated for the same reason.

The picture below shows hostname property in ambari-agent.ini file.

3) Starting ambari agent

Now ambari-agent needs to be started with ambari-agent start command.

4) Check ambari agent status

Now confirm ambari-agent is running using ambari-agent status command.

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