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Add new service to Hadoop cluster using Apache Ambari

In this article , We will learn how to install Apache Knox and also how to configure it.

Please follow below steps after logging into the Ambari to install Apache Knox .

1) Click on add service.

In the left side services area , Click on actions and click on Add service option to add new service to the Hadoop cluster. 

The picture below show Add service option.

2) Choose service.

Once you click on the Add service, new popup will be opened to show list of services those can be installed using Apache Ambari. Select Knox  and hit Next button.

The picture below shows Knox service.

2) Assign Masters

Apache Knox has a master daemon called Knox gateway . We need to choose a host to install Knox gateway in this step. After selecting the host , click next.

The picture below shows secured01 host is selected to install Knox gateway.

3) Assign Slaves and clients

Apache Knox does not have any slave daemons and clients so Ambari automatically skips this step.

4) Customize the services

This is one of the important steps in adding new service to the cluster. In this step , We can modify default property values.

We need to enter master secret to continue installation of the Knox.

And also confirm the master secret re-entering again. Click Next after entering the master secret.

5) Configure the identities

This step is also one of the important steps. We need to configure Kerberos principals and keytabs in this step. By default , Ambari suggests principals and keytabs , We can go with them.

If you are not modifying the default configs , just hit next.

The picture below shows Configure identities step.

Once you click Next, Amabri will ask for Kerberos admin principal name and password.

The picture below show the popup to enter kerberos admin credentials.

Admin ACLs are mentioned in the file /var/kerberos/krb5kdc/kadm5.acl

If no Kerberos installed on the cluster , This step will be skipped by Ambari automatically.

6) Review 

In this step Add service wizard will show us what service it is going to install and also on which node it is installing.

The picture below shows Ambari is going to install Know on secured01 host.

Click deploy to start installation of the new service.

7) Install start Test

In this step, Ambari performs three things.

  • Installation of the selected services.

  • Starting the newly installed services.

  • Testing the newly installed services by running service checks.

The picture below shows Add service wizard is installing Knox.

8) Summary

In this step , Ambari shows  complete installation report . Ambari also displays that we need to restart some services those have restart symbol after installing any service to the cluster.

The picture below shows installation has one warning, We can click on it to see what is the warning.

Click complete to finish Knox installation.

9)  Check new service 

In this final step, Ambari automatically reloads home page and shows newly installed services.

Check new service Knox in the services Area of Ambari home page .

We can perform service check to see if the Knox is in working state or not.

By following the same steps of above , We can install any service in the hadoop cluster.

Let me know  in the comments if you have any questions and you can also view below video to know how to install knox using apache ambari.

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