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Installation and configuration of Ranger using Apache Ambari

In this article , We will learn how to install and configure Apache Ranger using Apache Ambari.Apache Ranger is a security technology that provides policy based security for all hadoop eco system tools.

1) Login into Ambari GUI.

2) Click on Add service

Click on Actions in the bottom of services and choose add service, Ambari will launch add service wizard.

3) Choose Ranger

Choose Ranger in the list of services and click Next. Ranger KMS will also be present in the list of services, do not select it for now.

4) Database setup

Ranger uses database to store it's data, we need to have at least one RDBMS system setup.
Ambari already using Postgres, We can click on I have met all  the requirements above and click proceed.

5) Assign Masters

We have two master components in Ranger called Ranger Usersync and Ranger admin.  We need to select hostnames for Ranger Usersync and Ranger Admin in this step.

Click on next once hostnames are selected.

6) Assign Slaves

Ranger has a slave component called Ranger Tagsync . By default it will be selected, just click next in this step.

7) Customize services

We need to configure the database and Ranger audit in this step. Ambari displays meroon colored circles where user inputs required.

Select the database you are using , I have choosen postgres as I am using postgres .  Enter hostname where your database is installed.

Enter password for database user rangeradmin. I have entered ranger as the password.

Enter user name and password for database administrator. Postgres comes with postgres/postgres user credentials. I have entered postgres as username and postgres as password.

After entering the login credentials , Click on test connection to ensure that all database details provided are working.

Ranger audits are stored in database, HDFS and also in SolR. We do not have SolR installed, So I am disabling audit to SolR. Click Next now.

8) Configure identities

If cluster is Kerberized , You can configure keytabs and principals in this step. If cluster is not Kerberized , this step is skipped automatically.

9) Review

Before installing and configuring Ranger , This step provides last opportunity for reviewing the information provided so far. If you wish , you can go back and modify already provided information.

just click on deploy to continue installation.

10) Install test and start

This step performs three operations .

  • Installing Ranger
  • Starting ranger components
  • Testing ranger components by running service checks

11) Summary

This is final step in which Ambari displays summary about recent installation. just click on complete to see Ranger in the services section of Ambari.

This step also informs us that we need to restart services  those have restart symbol after this step.

12) Restart required

The picture below shows restart symbol next to services HDFS,YARN,Hive and Knox. We need to restart them. and also we can see new service Ranger is installed.

This is how we can install and configure Ranger using Apache Ambari. Let me know if you have any questions.

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