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Top 10 key differences between Java and Python

 Top two programming languages used in the software industry are Python and Java.Python tops the list and Java is close to Python.

Are you curious about questions such as which programming language, Java or Python, is faster? 

Wondering which language is superior for web development or overall usage? This article delves into the 10 crucial distinctions that every Java and Python developer should be aware of.


Java is a compiled language. Entire Java code is converted into bytecode before it is run on a machine. This makes Java faster.

Whereas Python is an interpreted language, Python translates one line after another while is being run on the machine. this makes Python slower


Java is a static-typed language. Every variable requires a datatype to be defined in Java and every method should have a return type.

Unlike Java, Python is a dynamically typed language. Python does not need a datatype for a variable and does not need a return type for a function.


Java supports multiple inheritance partially through Interfaces. Python supports multiple inheritance fully. Python addresses the diamond problem using method resolution order.


Java has several options for web development. Many frameworks like Spring support web development in Java. 

Python has fewer options for web development. Tools like FLASK and Django provide web development in Python.


Python has advanced tools like Pandas and numpy for data analysis. data analysis tools in Java are not as popular as pandas and numpy.


Java is the best option for database integration. Java has many ORM tools like hibernate and also Java supports enterprise applications.

Python has ORM tools like SQLAlchemy not many enterprise applications use Python.


As discussed, Java is a static-typed language. Rapid prototyping and rapid development is difficult in Java. In Python prototyping and development tasks are faster.


Java is fast and Python is slow. Python is an interpreted language and it translates code line after line. Python is slow because of that.


Java is relatively less known for Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning applications. Python community has a rich library for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.


Java is well for mobile development. Whereas Python is not well-known for mobile development.

These are the top 10 differences between Java and Python. Let me know if you know of any more differences.

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