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Starting and stopping Ambari agents

In this article we will learn how to work with Ambari agents.We will learn how to start, stop , restart and some more operations of ambari agents from command line.
 If you are not using root user, you have to prefix sudo to all commands listed in below steps.

 1) Check the status of Ambari agents.

This command tells us wether Ambari agent is in running state or not. If  Ambari agent is in running state , Command also gives us pid of the Ambari agent process.

Command :

ambari-agent status

sudo ambari-agent status


service ambari-agent status

2) Stopping  Ambari agent

You can use any one of the commands to stop ambari agent.

sudo ambari-agent stop


ambari-agent stop


service ambari-agent stop

If ambari agent is stopped, Ambari server shows heart beat lost message for the node where ambari-agent is stopped.

3) Starting  Ambari agent

You can use any one of the commands to start ambari agent.

ambari-agent start


sudo ambari-agent start


service ambari-agent  start

Once ambari agent is started, heart beat issues in Ambari user interface will be fixed.

4) Restarting Ambari agent

You can use any one of the commands to restart ambari agent.

ambari-agent restart


sudo ambari-agent restart


service ambari-agent restart

5) Othe options

Ambari agent process also comes with some more commands, You can check them all using --help option.

ambari-agent --help

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